How do I add a colleague to my workspace?

A workspace colleague is someone who can manage teams and other colleagues in that workspace. You can add anyone at your firm, from attorneys to paralegals to secretaries, as a workspace colleague.

This article will cover:

How to add a colleague to your workspace

  1. Click Manage in the main navigation bar to go to your workspace manager.
  2. This will take you to the Internal Directory page of your Workspace Manager, which lists all the colleagues in your workspace.

  1. Click Add Colleague.

  1. Enter your colleague's email address and select their role. The role assigned to your colleague will be visible to all colleagues in the Internal Directory. Roles do not have an impact on user permissions.  You’ll also have the option to enter the name of another colleague who should review any document sets started by this new colleague. 

Click Add Colleague. This sends the invitation to your colleague.

Your colleague’s email will appear in the Internal Directory list with a Pending Invite status until your colleague has accepted the invitation. If you need to, you can resend or remove the invitation through the More (...) menu.

What your colleague needs to do when they receive your invitation

  1. Your colleague will receive an email invitation to join your workspace. Clicking Accept Invitation will take them to a confirmation page.

  1. Your colleague will be asked to log in to their Clerky account if they’re not already. Here, your colleague can see the name of the workspace and who invited them to join.

  1. Clicking Confirm will take your colleague to your workspace’s Internal Directory. 

If your colleague doesn’t already have a Clerky account, they’ll be invited to create one by entering their name and choosing a password. After your colleague clicks Confirm Information, their account will be created and they will be able to see their dashboard.

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