What products do Attorney accounts have access to?

Attorney accounts have immediate access to all products available to regular Clerky accounts, including our Formation, Fundraising, Hiring, Commercial, and Maintenance products. Regular Clerky accounts receive access to these products as their company completes the prerequisite paperwork on Clerky. For example, once a client has incorporated and finalized paperwork using our post-incorporation setup product, they’ll receive access to our Fundraising and Hiring products. See How do I give a client access to Clerky products? for more information.

In addition, Attorney accounts have access to over 40 advanced products that are not publicly available, including:

  • Remediating formations done off of Clerky
  • Securities maintenance, including for:
    • Cancellation
    • Transfer
    • Maturity date extensions
  • Stock restriction
  • Release agreements
  • Voiding paperwork
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