How can I add a client's team on Clerky to my workspace?

Your client may already have a team if they incorporated using Clerky or if another law firm created a team for them. You can invite your client to add their team to your workspace through the workspace manager. If they have multiple teams, they’ll be able to choose which team they’d like to add when they accept your invitation.

This article will cover:

How to invite a client to add their team to your workspace

  1. Click Manage in the main navigation bar.

  1. Click Teams in the workspace manager sub-navigation bar.

  1. Click the Add menu and select Invite Someone.

  1. Enter the email address of someone at your client.

Before you send the invitation, you have the option to (a) prompt your client to use a specific template and (b) add colleagues to the team.

    1. By default, the option to prompt your client to start with a specific template is enabled. If you choose to keep this setting on, select the template category and pick the desired template.

b.  If you’d like, you can also specify which colleagues should be collaborators on your client’s team. You can also specify whether each colleague you add should be a reviewer, observer, or both and on which document sets.  

Then click Send Invitation.  

Related Information

Please see What's the difference between an observer and a reviewer? to learn more about reviewers and observers.

  1. Once you’ve sent the invitation, the client will appear in your workspace’s Teams list with a Pending Invite status until they’ve accepted the invitation. If necessary, you can resend the invitation by opening the More (···) menu and selecting Resend.

What your client sees when they receive your invitation

  1. Your client will receive an email notification. Clicking Accept Invitation in the email will take them to their invitation, where they can then click Accept to join your workspace.

  1. Your client will then be prompted to add a team to your workspace. If you chose to prompt your client with a specific template, they will also see a prompt to use that template to create a new document set.

  1. Your client can select which team to add to your workspace and then click Confirm.

How to confirm a client has added their team to your workspace 

Once the client has added a team to your workspace, that team will appear in your workspace’s Teams list.

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